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Imbred – ‘X’

  • 2 min read

Few bands or artists ever make it to ten albums in their career, but in the case of Australian cult star and Reddit legend Imbred, he’s done it in just one year. Released to coincide with the one year anniversary of his debut album ‘Creep’, Imbred’s ‘X’ follows a long line of rough-cut DIY releases that are spiked with harsh grunge tones, unapologetic punk aesthetic and those enduring, monotoned vocals.

When it comes to ‘X’, we find Imbred in fine form, striking out with another visceral collection of tracks that will entertain and divide in equal measure. While his last release was a far more sentimental and melodic affair, ‘X’ sees Imbred returning to his brash, hard-hitting roots, leaving emotion out in favour of heavy guitar riffs and distortion-laden sounds.

Opening cut ‘Tennessee’ hits with an authentic pop-punk style, crashing into view classic Imbred spirit and shades of mid- ‘90s aggression. As the album continues, tracks like ‘Morphine’, ‘Mind’, and ‘Toxic’ fire on all cylinders, featuring wailing, distorted guitars and an undeniable punk energy, creating a steady platform for album highlights ‘Without You’, ‘Sunday Service’, and ‘THC’, the most polished and well-rounded anthems of the release.

There are still glimpses of more stripped back, acoustic songs in the meandering tones of ‘Lies To Me’ and ‘Medicine Girl’, as well as more experimental, kaleidoscopic elements in the static heavy drawl of ‘Ashes’, but for the most part, ‘X’ arrives as a fitting celebration of Imbred’s early work.

In many ways, ‘X’ is the densely packed and brutally honest culmination of Imbred’s year-long journey, showcasing elements of his past releases along with bright flashes of things still to come. More than just a singular release, ‘X’ works best when played in sequence with his other work, letting both the music and bright, but brief history of his work emphasise the dramatic and unapologetic nature of his music.

Score: 5.5/10

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