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Izzie's Caravan – ‘Zephyrs’

  • 2 min read

A keen blues musician following in the footsteps of the greats, Izzie’s Caravan first came to prominence with the release of ‘Leo’s Guitar’, a stellar EP that paid tribute to past legends and the timeless Fender guitar. It was an EP that quite rightly caught the attention of SleepingBagStudios, echoing the sounds of John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, and Stevie Ray, and while we might have missed it the first time around, we’re certainly not going to miss the release of second EP, ‘Zephyrs’.

Built from the unyielding inspiration that first birthed ‘Leo’s Guitar’, ‘Zephyrs’ arrived in a creative fervour that was spurred on by Tom Petty’s track ‘Echoes’. Speaking with Muzique Magazine, Izzie’s Caravan further explained, “I got so inspired at that point, I had these song ideas lying around for at least eight years or so, and I ended up going back to them. Next thing I knew I had the basic song structure for ‘Zephyrs’ all done, and it just sounded so good to me that I ended up completing the entire ‘Zephyrs’ EP”.

A musical shift in style and emotive sense, the new EP flows from a place of therapy and self-exploration, featuring far more emotionally open and melancholic pieces than its predecessor. Built from real-life experiences, it brings together universal sounds with personal moments, creating a delicate balance between two distinct realms. Opening number ‘Holy in Your Smile’ surfaces with a calm, melodic charm, enchanting its listeners with a softly spun duet and rustic, lingering guitar. It’s a heartfelt introduction to the release that ebbs and flows for the better part of eight-minutes, setting the stage for further highlights to abound.

Second cut ‘South of Yesterday’ brings a rising temp and sense of restlessness that hides beneath the calm veneer. It’s a single bathed in a golden glow, offering a simple, unwavering structure and muted vocals that eventually transition into the beating heart of third track ‘Tracii’s Ballad’. A touching ode to Izzie’s Caravan’s best friend and cat, it’s a love-struck amble through nuanced blues tones and lighter, soft-rock sounds. Closing the proceedings is the track that started it all, with ‘Zephyrs’ returning to the melancholic tones of the opening number to complete the heartfelt journey.

All throughout the EP, there is an unshakable sense of wonder and romance, and it’s this magic that makes it such a captivating listen. While some might call out for strong vocals or less rustic production, no one can deny the character and humanity behind each of the tracks. Izzie’s Caravan himself said that the release was a therapeutic one, and while the song’s subject matter might be specific only to him, it’s easy to see hundreds, if not thousands, finding solace in these songs.

Score: 7.5/10

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