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Jake George – ‘Heart’

  • 2 min read

One of Melbourne’s leading independent talents, Jake George began his life as a musician at the tender age of twelve, forming bands in high school and practising his craft. As he got older, high school gigs transitioned to pubs and clubs, and after kicking his heels around the city for a few years, Jake decided to make his music his sole focus, making the bold move to embark on a solo career.

With a unique writing style and a diverse range of influences, Jake has become a prolific independent talent, writing, recording and releasing two EP’s in 2015 and 2016. Earning well-deserved features in music magazines and growing radio airplay across Australia and the United States, Jake is leading to a career high, building momentum and celebrating the release of his third EP, ‘Heart’.

A six-track collection that showcases a far broader sound, ‘Heart’ is a potentially divisive and wonderfully brave new release. Spiked by elements of funk, pop, and timeless alt. rock, ‘Heart’ opens with a rhythmic flurry of sound, bringing to light a tantalising mix of lingering shoegaze vocals and calculated percussion that brings to mind instant comparisons to The Stone Roses. Built with a sense of purpose and immediacy, ‘Soft Cell’ is a stunning opening to the EP, and it sets a deliberate stage from which the title track can bloom.

Leaning heavily on underlying funk vibes and a complex interplay between the bass and percussion, ‘Heart’ and ‘I Need Time’ builds a palpable sense of atmosphere that Jake’s vocals cut through, offering a glistening, cinematic edge that wasn’t present in any of his earlier work. As the EP continues, there is a definite sense of progression, with each track fully exploring Jake’s new musical direction with a daring, unapologetic attitude.

Musically, it’s hard to fault Jake’s EP or the decision to expand his sound. Rhythmic and resounding with real nostalgic flair, the only point of contention on ‘Heart’ is the lack of variation in Jake’s vocals throughout the six tracks, but then when the music is as good as it is, you can easily forgive him for that.

Score: 8/10

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