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Jake George – ‘Investigators’

  • 2 min read

A talented singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, Jake George has been crafting and refining his deft blend of pop and rock for years now. Following a transition to a more alternative sound in 2017, Jake left behind a more rustic, acoustic arrangement in favour of his current pop-infused style. It was a move that bore fruit throughout 2019, with his ‘Heart’ EP released in July to a wave of success. A six-track affair that was built on the nostalgia and influences of his teenage years, it was an experimental triumph that saw his sound reaching new and untamed heights.

Following in the wake of the EP, Jake has been hard at work crafting a string of emotive new singles, developing his sound further and culminating in the most recent indie epic of ‘Investigators’. Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘Investigators’ is a quick-fire flurry of classic alt. rock sounds that resound with sincerity and authenticity.

Lit by the creative energy of Melbourne’s bustling artist scene, it’s a single that is bound to impress, combining calling, atmospheric vocals with simmering instrumentals that build the tension with each note. Filled with purpose, ‘Investigators’ follows in the footsteps of INXS, Oasis, or The Stone Roses’ ‘Second Coming’. Don’t be fooled though, ‘Investigators’ is not simply a hollow tribute to these legends’ style, and the single brings a unique energy and flow to the mix, creating another impressive step in Jake’s growing legacy.

Mixed by OK Go’s drummer Dan Konopka, ‘Investigators’ has an unshakable stadium rock feel, bringing an underlying, but unmistakable current of shoegaze and ambient funk to the mix. More than just your average indie anthem, ‘Investigators’ is an undisputed gem that will surely set 2020 on fire.

While plans to release an album might have sadly come to a halt for now, Jake is definitely working hard to keep his fans happy with singles like ‘Investigators’. A natural evolution from his last EP, and a brilliant step towards radio-ready, indie-rock greatness, the single is another shining testament to Jake’s change in style, proving that fortune really does favour the brave.

Score: 9/10

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