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Jared Mancuso – 'Hype!'

  • 2 min read

Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Jared Mancuso has grown from relative obscurity to become one of the leading artists in a new wave of alt-rock. After developing his musical prowess on multiple instruments and refining his songwriting talents in college, Mancuso paid his musical dues in Strike of The Heart and later The Jared Project, releasing two full-length albums that blended the pop-punk and folk with bluesy riff-rock inspirations.

His solo ventures really took form in 2015 with the release of his debut album, ‘A Very Pleasant Person’. It was an album met with enthusiasm and positive reviews, and it pathed the way for his critically acclaimed sophomore release, ‘Superdope’, an album that prompted Jamsphere Magazine to exclaim, “A damn near perfect album, top to bottom!”.

Still riding high on the success of his previous endeavours, Mancuso’s latest work is ‘Hype!’, his aptly named third album and a collection of ten tracks that is sure to impress. Combining his own unique style with the timeless and varied qualities of his influences, the new album is classic rock ‘n’ roll that’s been brought into the modern era. It’s an organic, exuberant clash of technical precision and unbridled fun, much like the artist himself, whose signature slicked-back pompadour and well-tailored suits show a penchant for both style and substance.

Like his previous albums, Mancuso’s sound is a deft combination of influences, with his compositions and music evolving through almost seamless progression. Taking cues from the surf-rock vibes of The Beach Boys, the mid-century simplicity of the legendary Buddy Holly, and more modern, sonically-driven artists like Weezer, Jack White and The Black Keys, Mancuso has managed to find a sound that is wonderfully familiar, but also refreshingly new.

It’s a sound that is best illustrated on tracks like ‘Splendor’ and ‘Extraordinary’, two hits that arrive early in the album and assert themselves as standout favourites. Raucous and unrelenting, the two tracks combine heavy-hitting guitar riffs with a spiked, punk energy and keen social commentary, arriving at a rare cross-over between wonderfully entertaining and brilliantly meaningful. They’re the sort of tracks that Mancuso has become known for, and as ‘Hype!’ carries forward, it becomes apparent that there is plenty more of them in-store.

It’s ‘The Jungle’ that really caught our attention within the album, with the sub-three-minute tracking arriving like a bolt of Jack White inspired lightning. Riding some heavy ‘Icky Thump’ vibes, it’s a track that illustrates Mancuso’s connection to the modern rock greats, showing that if he’s not at their level just yet, then he soon will be.

You can grab your own copy of ‘Hype!’ on iTunes, with the pre-order link up and running ahead of the album’s August 21st release date.

Score: 8/10

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