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Jarred Walker – ‘Becoming Tomorrow’

  • 2 min read

A pop pianist from the small village of Beloit, Jarred Walker has been playing piano for over fifteen years, refining his sound and developing a versatile musical style. Taking inspiration from a variety of different genres including pop, classical, new age and light jazz, his work is emotive, textured, and wonderfully whimsical. After finishing his first song in 2013, Jarred has spent years composing, recording, and creating his debut album, ‘Becoming Tomorrow’.

A collection of tens songs for piano, ‘Becoming Tomorrow’ was built over the course of five years, bringing to light an enduring message that Jarred only realised was there once the album was finished. A simple message of spreading positivity and optimism, it’s the thread that brings each of the songs together, bringing a sense of vibrancy and wonder to each of the acoustic pieces.

Crafted as lavish instrumentals that flow with an easy listening vibe, the ten tracks present on ‘Becoming Tomorrow’ combine a subtle, individual delicacy with a cohesive, universal message, striking a balance between deeply moving and easily accessible. Built to fit a series of moods, vibes, and moments, the album has a growing, cinematic touch that ensures that every listener will be able to find a melody to connect with.

While there are moments in the album where the piano keys seem to jar or the steady, organic flow of the album stutters, Jarred has managed to keep these slips few and far between, ensuring that the steady, cascade of piano notes can spread its magic in a free and blissful way. A definitive win for optimistic, instrumental albums, Jarred has captured the essence of classical piano and distilled it into a wonderful and ennjoyable pop format.

‘Becoming Tomorrow’ is available now on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp.

Score: 7.5/10

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