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Jerry Hull – ‘Ordinary Man’

  • 2 min read

Even the most casual fan of Broken 8 Records will have undoubtedly seen the name and heard the sounds of the beloved singer-songwriter Jerry Hull. A self-made musical juggernaut with a penchant for old school sounds, Jerry is a big talent with an even bigger sound, driving home his own unique blend of 60’s rock and that classic Memphis sound.

A prolific and seemingly unstoppable writer, Jerry has recently released his eighth studio album, the humbly titled, ‘Ordinary Man’. A sixteen track epic designed to take his listeners on a musical adventure of variety and intrigue, the new record sees Jerry breaking own his blues sound and rebuilding it with flourishes of pop, Americana, and timeless country charm, creating another evolved mix that is sure to impress.

Built for Broadway, ‘Ordinary Man’ sees Jerry in dynamic form, bringing to the fore a colourful tapestry of soulful rock cuts. Like every one of his previous releases, the new album shines with a sense of genuine and heartfelt integrity, but while past albums might have leant more heavily on ballads and more romantic inclinations, ‘Ordinary Man’ finds its centre amidst of an unyielding stream of rock anthems.

Opening with the feel-good melody of ‘Now You’re Off (On The Run)’, Jerry’s eight studio album breaks into view with an exhilarating story of a prison break. It’s a tantalising and wonderfully vibrant piece that sets the tone for things to come in perfect fashion. Second cut ‘See You In My Dreams’ carves a more romantic path through a heavy pop-rock sound, and ‘Starlight In Your Eyes’ is a song torn straight from the Broadway stage. The dashing pop hits keep coming with ‘Lookout! (She’s Dangerous)’ detailing the life and times of a dazzling femme fatale, shaking the raftering and bursting your speakers with ease and elegance.

The title track arrives as an off-kilter romance, detailing the adventures of an alien who falls to Earth in the form of an ‘Ordinary Man’, dressed in a plain suit and tie, he journeys through life and falls in love with a young woman who teaches him about our world. It’s a keen piece that perfectly captures Jerry’s unique brand of rock, combining his inventive narratives with an unstoppable and melodic tour de force. As the album continues, Jerry’s energy and style simply refuses to falter, pushing through 70’s inspired epics like ‘Oh Jennifer’ and the Bacharach infused brilliance of ‘World’s Most Special Woman’, creating an enduring sound that culminates in the epic and poignant, ‘Pripyat’. A tribute to the lives lost in the Chernobyl catastrophe, the closing number is a six-minute wonder that will leave you hanging on every note.

An absolute stunner, ‘Ordinary Man’ is ample proof of Jerry’s talents, showing that his inspiration and talents are still just as sharp as ever. You can stream and purchase ‘Ordinary Man’ on Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer today.

Score: 8/10

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