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Jimmy Maddon – ‘Do I Turn You On?’

  • 2 min read

While the heyday of Glam Rock might be locked firmly in the early ‘70s, there is a small, but fiercely loyal contingent who are refusing to let go of the flamboyant clothing, glitter-laden melodies and vibrant visual aesthetics. One such acolyte of the enduring scene is Jimmy Maddon, an unmistakable and wildly talented performer who has been steadily garnering acclaim across the globe. After playing shows in Australia, England, Wales, Indonesia and Thailand, Jimmy has definitely earned his stripes, and now with the release of ‘Do I Turn You On?’, he’s placed himself well and truly at the forefront of the genre.

Set for release later this month, ‘Do I Turn You On?’ is a magnificent slice of modern glam rock that captures the bright essence of the genre, while also managing to carve out an unmistakable contemporary sound. Electric guitars fire throughout, building a heavy sonic sound that shimmies and shakes in an unstoppable medley, while drums crash down all around, completing the bright cacophony in perfect form.

An unstoppable, and surprisingly melodic slice of old school rock, there is a heavy dose of nostalgic set amongst the contemporary production, creating a universal sound that fans of all ages and scenes can enjoy. Through the electric wall of sound, Jimmy howls with impressive range and sincerity, elevating the track with a fine blend of hair-raising guitar and layered five-part harmonies.

When listening to Jimmy’s new single, it’s so easy to draw comparisons to some of glam rocks biggest names but to do so would be a disservice. Jimmy’s sound is so much more than a simple imitation; it’s a powerful, vibrant, and utterly irrepressible wave of anthemic sounds and natural flair, showcasing all the very best parts of the genre.

A stunning indication of what we can all expect from Jimmy’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Do I Turn You On?’ is sharp, stylish, and unlike anything you’ll hear in the mainstream, ultimately making it essential new listening. You can get a taste of the single in the first official trailer above and be sure to tune into Jimmy’s YouTube channel for the second part.

‘Do I Turn You On?’ will be officially released on the 22nd of May this year and is currently available to pre-save and pre-order on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music.

Score: 8/10

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