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Jimmy Maddon – ‘The Real Me’

  • 2 min read

When we last heard from glam-rocker Jimmy Maddon he was riding high on the unstoppable rock epic of ‘Do I Turn You On?’, the bold and beautiful title track and lead single from his upcoming album. It was an explosive indication of what we could expect from the album, pushing the boundaries of old school, glam rock and introducing the world to Jimmy’s untameable flair. While we still have a little while longer to wait until the full album is ready to be released, Jimmy has recently treated us to a stunning sophomore single, ‘The Real Me’.

Set for release on July 17th this year, ‘The Real Me’ is a fine, emotive counterbalance to the brash and animalistic ‘Do I Turn You On?’, offering a glimpse into a very different side of Jimmy’s forthcoming album. While it still shines with the same enduring glam rock glory the first inspired that likes of Queen and the infamous New York Dolls, ‘The Real Me’ is a far more nuanced and introspective release, showcasing the wild, beating heart the lies beneath Jimmy’s three-inch platform shoes, tight leather pants and face full of make-up.

Starting with a flourish of drums and a few lingering guitar chords, Jimmy’s new single shines with a building cosmic melody that flows through a deft weave of lingering, solitary notes. Its a wonderfully textured blending of indie and psychedelia, looking back to the golden age of rock, while also holding true to Jimmy’s modern energy. Lyrically, ‘The Real Me’ sees Jimmy treading a more personal and reflective path, looking inwards and singing his heart out with perfect pitches and a dash of reverb.

In the latter part of the track, piano keys flicker and bring a lightness to the piece, while atmospheric breaks abound, slowing the tempo and bringing a great emotional depth that poignantly contrasts the more upbeat musical nature of the song. It’s more subdued than Jimmy’s previous single, but just as impactful, lacking none of the soul, flair, or skill that made ‘Do I Turn You On?’ so engaging.

While eager ears can only hear the trailer for ‘The Real Me’ at the moment, the magic within is easily glimpsed. Driven, relatable, and above all, easily enjoyable, the new single is another powerful indication of what we can expect when the full album finally rears its head.

You can pre-save ‘The Real Me’ now on Spotify ahead of its official release on July 17th, and be sure to follow Jimmy on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 7/10

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