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Jode Gannon – 'Gangs Of Glasgow'

  • 2 min read

An Australian artist that has set himself up in the heart of London, Jode Gannon began to make his mark on the music scene with the release of his debut album, ‘3 Hours’. It was an album comprised of personal and heartfelt anthems that were built on the back on acoustic indie melodies, championing evocative tracks such as ‘I Wanna Kiss You’ and ‘The One That Got Away’.

Following the impact of the album, and the subsequent release of three-track wonder ‘Zero Care Factor’, Jode has now returned with a brand new cut, ‘Gangs Of Glasgow’. Produced by Ginger Drage and Costantino Panza at their London-based Green Monday Studios, the new single is something of a step forward for Jode, with his familiar acoustic style thrown into a more sonic and visceral soundscape.

Although ‘Gangs of Glasgow’ might arrive with a similar nostalgic tone to his debut, the new single quickly works to break new ground, taking slow, almost methodical pacing and throwing it into rousing, atmospheric spaces. Guitar chords build into explosive choruses that take flight over the hard-hitting percussion, and Jode’s vocals fit perfectly with the tone of the piece. It’s a track that conjures up strong comparisons with British Sea Power and Arcade Fire, with the soaring choruses rising from the melodic tides of the track, and while it’s not the most original piece you might hear, it’s certainly one that’ll leave you interested.

Catchy, but with plenty of heart still held within, ‘Gangs Of Glasgow’ walks the brilliant line between emotionally accessible and relentlessly enjoyable. There is a rough-cut nature to the track which early on can mar the distinction between music and vocals, with some of Jode’s words lost to the roughness and volume of the piece, but it’s this roughness that also helps the choruses glow in such a vibrant light. It’s hard to pinpoint if this imbalance adds or detracts from the track, and after a few listens you do wonder what a different, cleaner production would do for the song, but speaking purely for the bare bones of ‘Gangs Of Glasgow’, it’s easy to see it becoming a hit.

Score: 7.5/10

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