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Kings Of The Earth – ‘Top of the World’

  • 1 min read

When we first heard from Kings Of The Earth they had just released their debut single, ‘Landing On The Moon’, a dynamic single and a powerful call to arms that really made us stop and listen. Built to impress and inform, it was a single that combined rustic elements of pop, rock, and timeless Americana to create something of true substance.

Continuing to lead the charge into bold musical territories, Kings Of The Earth are back with impressive sophomore single, ‘Top of the World’. The latest visceral anthem from the Nashville collective, ‘Top of the World’ holds tight to their tried and true formula of passionate songwriting and a desire to change the world for the better.

A textured track with universal appeal, ‘Top of the World’ flows with a gentle folk underpinning, layering a charming melody with spirited bursts of dynamic pop and soft, shifting rock. Carried forward by soaring vocals that flow with an immersive emotive power, there is an unassailable charm to the single that makes it truly special.

More than just another tactile epic, ‘Top of the World’ carries with it an inspiring message, perfectly illustrating the band’s abilities. It’s entertaining, powerful, and surprisingly poignant, bringing together a wonderfully orchestrated sound with brilliant, enduring lyrics.

Available now on Spotify, iTunes, and more, ‘Top of the World’ is a song that will be sung for years to come, creating the next bold step in the Kings’ unfolding legacy.

Score: 8.5/10

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