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Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther – 'All This Time (Single)'

  • 2 min read

Some of you may know the name Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther from his upbeat, dance-pop anthem, ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’, an energetic track that was featured on Stereo Stickman midway through last year. If you haven’t, that’s an issue we’ll soon correct.

After relentlessly promoting the track and working tirelessly to make his name known across Europe and beyond, Kyrre is back with ‘All This Time’, a brand new four-minute track that carries on the Euro-pop sound. While the final cut of the single is an uplifting mix produced by Bjørn Ove Hagset, the single began quite simply around a piano, with Kyrre composing the melody during a particularly self-reflective period of songwriting.

A song of various depths, ‘All This Time’ is, on the surface, a catchy pop song reminiscent of modern pop acts like Years & Years or Troye Sivan. It’s an electronic-infused track that rolls on with a light-hearted melody and glistening pop hooks, pushing itself forward on a wave of catchy instrumentals that hide a deeper, more contemplative layer. Polished and well-produced, it’s easy to see ‘All This Time’ being a song that pushes Kyrre onto the global stages, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Kyrre himself has previously commented that his lyrics often need more attention and care, often coming as more of a struggle than the melodies themselves, and it’s somewhat evident on ‘All This Time’.

Lyrically, the song offers in terms of poetic brilliance, fixating on a simple refrain and channelling it across the length of the track, but ultimately, it works. The instrumentals evolve as the track rolls on, to the point of including a brilliant hybrid of acoustic guitar and EDM-tinged, and it’s this evolution that keeps the track exciting. Rather than being a simple, almost generic pop hit, ‘All This Time’ arrives as a creative showing of force, distinguished and refined, and ever more vibrant than ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’.

Score: 7.5/10

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