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Lakotah – 'Pesticide'

  • 2 min read

Released on October 12th this year, ‘Pesticide’ is the latest rock-infused anthem to spring from the creative mind of Lakotah. A Billboard Charting artist, Lakotah is one of the most prolific songwriters to come out of L.A. in recent years, and her blend of EDM and alternative rock has made her an international name. Taking inspiration from the everyday maelstrom of different musical styles, Lakotah’s sound is fresh and original, evolved through an astounding back catalogue of over 250 compositions.

The newest single from Lakotah is ‘Pesticide’, a four-minute track that turns up the intensity with an aggressive rock tone and passionate vocals. It's an anthem where Lakotah’s vocals take centre stage, shifting from quiet emotion to soaring choruses in a heartbeat while the instrumentals flow on. The momentum behind the piece is hard to fault, built on a rarely relenting stream of crashing guitars and heavy percussion.

‘Pesticide’ is a passionate rock piece that throws a backwards glance into the era of blinding glam-rock, while also trying to peer forward into the modern age of rock music.

Like all of Lakotah’s tracks, ‘Pesticide’ certainly arrives with a massive impact, and for the many loyal fans of traditional rock, it will likely be the catalyst that sparks off a week longer bender discovering every single note of Lakotah’s music. For others though, the piercing sounds that make up her repertoire will likely fall upon deaf ears as the rock vibe fades away into the distance, eclipsed by a more modern palette. Whatever the case, ‘Pesticide’ is a single that screams to be heard, and it’ impact will be felt.

Score: 7/10

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