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Lánre – ‘Flyin’

  • 2 min read

A talented newcomer to the international stage, Lánre first began his music career at the young age of ten, attending a school for music and becoming classically trained in vocal performances. A bold and bright talent, Lánre took to the local music scene in New Jersey quickly, refining his sound and fully discovering his songwriting talents. At the age of fifteen, Lánre releases his first six-track demo under the tutelage of his cousin and mentor, Mike WiLL Made-it, an iconic record producer, DJ, rapper, singer and songwriter.

It was the start of something special for Lánre, and the first major step in what would become a promising musical career. Armed with a penchant for catchy, heartfelt melodies that shine with a layered blend of RnB, electronic, and dance-pop influences, Lánre has become a definitive artist to watch. Following a ground-breaking debut single that is still setting fire to Spotify with over 23,000 streams, newcomer Lánre is back in the spotlight with a bold new release that is set to elevate his status for RnB hopeful to international star.

A far more blunt and expressive release than his debut, ‘Flyin’ is a sharp collaborative release with The Mance, as well as a stylistic evolution from Lánre that every fan of RnB will surely appreciate. Filled with powerful vocals and a vibrant RnB soul, it’s a fruitful mix of funk-infused rhythms and uncompromising rap verse, bringing to light the very best of both artist’s talents. A stellar example of two musicians working together as one, both Lánre and The Mance build off one another brilliantly, capitalising on playful lyrics and comedic metaphors to build a sun-kissed, Summer anthem that pulls no punches.

Inspired by that feeling of freedom that came after the breakdown of a relationship, ‘Flyin’ was born when Lánre realised how much time he had lost, and how much more he deserved. A vibrant ode to his newfound freedom, ‘Flyin’ is the bright light at the end of a two-year nightmare, capturing a sense of freedom that is universally relatable and infinitely enjoyable. It’s this sense of freedom that helps make ‘Flyin’ so engaging, elevating it above the majority of RnB tracks that cling to the mainstream, and proving that the genre can be so much more.

Backed by the promise that his debut EP, ‘In My Dreams…’ will be released later this year, Lánre has made an indelible mark of the world stage with ‘Flyin’, showcasing his vibrant sound and style in perfect form, while also offering a textured glimpse of his more emotive and exoteric side. Sharp, charming, and wonderfully fresh, ‘Flyin’ is an impressive sophomore release that proves Lánre’s talents beyond any possible doubt.

You can stream ‘Flyin’ above on Spotify, as well as on all major platforms including iTunes, Deezer, and Amazon Music, and be sure to follow Lánre on all his social media pages below so you never a miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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