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Leo Salom – 'Your Words (Aren’t Worth My While)'

  • 2 min read

A talented young artist and record producer from Tuscany, Italy, Leo Salom is a rising star in the world of deep, tropical house beats. Starting his career in 2011, he’s grown to become the founder of Italian label Regolare Records and a keen percussionist, combining his vibrant electronic sounds with a refined creative will.

Hi first made a mark on the music scene with his colourful album, ‘Believe’, an eight-track collection of collaborative tracks that perfectly illustrated Salom’s inventive sound. It was a release that compiled all of his best work to date, delivering deep house music that was ultimately irresistible. Now, Salom is following the album’s success with a brand new cut, with ‘Your Words (Aren’t Worth My While)’ arriving as a fully-formed, jazz-infused anthem.

A massive track that fires on all cylinders, ‘Your Words (Aren’t Worth My While)’ blasts through exactly three-minutes of electric sound, mixing pulsating beats with heavy grooves and some very stylised vocals. It’s a track that treads a deliberate line between 90’s house nostalgia and modern, club-oriented wonder, creating a fantastic atmosphere of infinite possibility, while staying perfectly familiar. No doubt, this familiarity plays a big part in the song’s success, but that’s not it’s the only trick. The rolling, funk-filled grooves that permeate the song pull it above the plethora of generic club musings a lodge it neatly in the back of your mind, making it near impossible to escape after a few listens.

It’s a slick and well-produced anthem that will surely bolster Salom’s reach on the global music scale. The appeal of ‘Your Words (Aren’t Worth My While)’ is universal, and while it’s the ability to break through into major markets is still yet to be seen, the near twenty-four thousand streams on SoundCloud alone are more than enough to prove it’s merit.

Score: 8/10

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