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Love Ghost – ‘Mr Blue’

  • 2 min read

When we first caught up with L.A.’s Love Ghost, the band had recently released their seminal debut album, ‘Lobotomy’, a wonderfully visceral record that earmarked them as the rising champions of the grunge revival. An eclectic four-piece who have created an evolved grunge-rock sound akin to Alice In Chains and Smashing Pumpkins, Love Ghost have recently released a brand new single in the form of ‘Mr Blue’, a raucous anthem produced by Carl Restivo.

Marking a new stage in the evolution of their sound, ‘Mr Blue’ aims for a lighter, more rhythmic sound than encountered on their debut album. Opening with a deft mix of rolling bass and flickering strings, the single quickly erupts into an anthemic wave of melodic rock. Fully developing their aim of creating “rock and roll with a pop sensibility”, the song is a perfect example of how simple, uncompromising composition can make the biggest impact.

Both lyrically and musically, ‘Mr Blue’ is a deeply personal track, shining with a deep authenticity that really makes it work. Frontman Finnegan Bell penned the song’s lyrics, tackling the difficult subject of depression and a youth’s inner struggle with relationships, along with the universal hardship of finding your place in society. In contrast to the heavy subject of the lyrics, it’s the lighter sound that really helps to make an impact, complimenting the emotive essence of the lyrics with defiant instrumentals that push the song forward. Finn’s vocals and passion for the track shine through in all their evocative glory, and the band’s ability to translate emotion into music is perfectly played.

Taking the definitive sound that Love Ghost laid down on their debut record, they’ve managed to build on their grunge roots and create something with a universal appeal. It’s evocative, but not overbearing, hard hitting, but also wonderfully light and enjoyable, and it holds enough power to make the lyrics really resonate while also being blissfully enjoyable.

It’s an impressive feat and you can easily see ‘Mr Blue’ becoming a staple of Ghost Love’s live shows, and maybe even their breakthrough track. Bringing together raw, honest emotion with a sound that is simply undeniable, it’s a match made in heaven for the band.

Love Ghost will be touring Japan in March in support of ‘Mr Blue’, and currently have ten shows booked in Tokyo and Osaka. Be sure to check the band’s website for all the latest details and tickets.

Score: 9/10

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