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Review: LSD – ‘Parachute’

  • 1 min read

One of Newcastle’s brightest new bands, LSD are a funky three-piece with their own unique take on the traditional, heavy blues genre. Built on the hard-hitting percussion of Leith Moonen, the riffs and vocals of Scott Emblen, and solid bass lines of Dave Donnelly, LSD have single-handily been bringing blues and "flannos" back into fashion.

With a sound that is driven by the likes of Band of Light, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Black Sabbath, LSD have spent years refining their sound. After years of raucous live performances and taking on a multitude of genes, the band have really mastered their craft, aiming to capture the most authentic sound possible. The result is a sound that calls back to better days and generates a bristling tactile atmosphere, shining a glistening spotlight on the bands upbeat, energetic attitude.

The result of all this hard work is ‘Parachute’, the latest in a string of anthemic singles that can be found on Spotify. A track that’s not short on firepower, ‘Parachute’ is built on a series of gargantuan riffs that push the song forward and intertwine with Emblen’s vocals, offering up a level, balanced delivery that borders on a triumphant wall of sound.

Polished, without taking away from the song’s hard edge, LSD have struck upon a sound that revels in nostalgia while looking to the future, bringing the golden days of blues kicking and screaming into the present day. An impressive introduction to both the band and their authentic sound, ‘Parachute’ is a track that could take them from local heroes to national giants.

Score: 8/10

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