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Mark Winters – ‘Slipstream’

  • 2 min read

A versatile and talented singer-songwriter, Mark Winters has been refining his optimistic rock sound for years. With a love for guitar and a passion for poetry, Mark has built his career on his expansive knowledge of music and verse, combining his passions to create a definitive poetic style that he likes to describe as ‘rock with a positive vibe’. Already, Mark has captured hearts and minds with a string of enchanting singles, including his soulful debut ‘Be There’ and the landmark summer hit, ‘Copper Queen’.

Building on the melodic and meaningful sounds of past releases, Mark is now proud to present his debut full-length album, the heartfelt ‘Slipstream’. Opening with heavy percussive beats and soaring electric guitar of ‘Be There’, the new album announces itself in fine form, bringing the acclaimed single back into the spotlight to set the tone with an undeniable melody. It’s a welcome return to our speakers, bringing with it a sense of comfort and familiarity before the first new track hits.

With a contemporary blues sound, ‘Brothers’ flows with a vibrant, rustic appeal, creating an involving tapestry of sound that hinges on some stellar guitar riffs, creating a devastating sound that pushes a distinct vision of unity. From there, the album dives into more textured, soft rock sound with ‘Waiting’, a rough, emotive track that unfolds to present a distinct, melancholic feel. It’s a powerful illustration of Mark’s songwriter abilities, knowing how to infuse his songs with a real human touch. Next track ‘Free Fallin’ is a sharp cover of Tom Petty’s legendary release, before previous single ‘Copper Queen’ arrives as a slice of accomplished, sun-kissed guitar pop.

Country charm mixes with more modern alt. rock energy on the dramatic rendition of ‘Jarle’s Mountain’, while ‘The Plunge Mix’ hits with a rock ‘n’ roll immediacy and dynamic tempo that breaks away from the more textured and nuanced sounds. It’s a wonderful change of pace, one that changes the structure of the album in fine form, creating an expansive sound that perfectly sets the stage for soft Americana sounds of ‘Life of 3’. It’s hard not to be impressed by the accomplished arrangements and Mark’s evocative songwriting style, and by the time the final three cuts of ‘Strong’, ‘Shout It Down’ and bonus track ‘Expressions’ fade away, you’ll be completely entranced by the release.

An inspired and wonderfully uplifting release, ‘Slipstream’ proves Mark’s talents beyond any and all possible doubt. It’s a talented showcase of an accomplished singer and songwriter, offering a wonderful selection of radio-friendly hits and sincere human moments.

Score: 8.5/10

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