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Martin Del Carpio – 'Involution'

  • 1 min read

An artist who has evolved his sound and style through the mediums of music and film, there’s no shortage of invention in Martin Del Carpio’s back-catalogue. Accolades have been a near-constant throughout his career, and since 2011 Del Carpio has released a rich mixture of experimental sounds including the retrospective compilation ‘Lost Illusions’, and the vivid, brilliantly textured project, ‘Notes From The Underground’.

Now though, Del Carpio has taken on a more personal and introspective role, bringing to life his new concept album through a creative mixture of spoken word pieces and more instrumental parts. It’s a release that is inspired by the personal journal of his mother’s passing. An album that is both cathartic and lifesaving, ‘Involution’ is a unique vision that blends haunting ambient tones with pop aesthetics, making it instantly relatable while also wonderfully personal.

A collection of ten tracks that delve into the heart of human emotion, ‘Involution’ is an organic release that bends and more wherever it sees fit. There is no linear vision or pre-planned destination, making it a sprawling, wonderfully natural release that you can truly lose yourself in. It’s a delicate balance that serves to wonderfully honour the memory of his mother, while also hinting at a path forward, combining smooth spiritual sounds with emotional lyrics to perfect its presentation.

Born from tragedy, ‘Involution’ is a gift that will keep you entranced for weeks to come, showing just why Martin Del Carpio is the leading talent when it comes to dynamic and meaningful releases.

Score: 9/10