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Martina Armour – ‘Knife’

  • 1 min read

A wonderfully talented singer-songwriter with a penchant for haunting melodies and poignant, universal lyrics, Martina Armour has become one of the most highly anticipated new talents on both the US and Scandinavian scenes. Raised in Sweden, but based in L.A., Martina first appeared on our radar with the release of ‘Trouble’, a melancholic and perfectly placed single that effortlessly bridged the gap between vibrant pop and grass-roots folk. It was an awe-inspiring introduction that took over 2019 with ease and enduring grace, setting the stage perfectly for Martina’s new single, ‘Knife’.

Equally as enchanting, but far more pervasive in style, ‘Knife’ cuts through the silence with a tapered stream of dark piano tones and subtle glistening strings, creating a nuanced contrast through which Martina’s soulful vocals can shine. Haunting, raw and emotionally vulnerable, Martina wraps her vocals in a true and unwavering sense of depth, cultivating a unique identity that goes far beyond anything we could have expected.

As the song grows, so to do Martina’s vocals, bringing new soul with every powerful note and pushing forward as the instrumentals build, creating a warm sense of orchestration that is utterly undeniable.

Intrinsically, ‘Knife’ is a powerful, lavish, and emotionally raw release that wonderfully captures the essence of Martina’s artistic ability, presenting her talents in a perfect and unwavering spotlight. Brilliantly emotive and simply stunning to listen to, ‘Knife’ is the sound of a true and blossoming talent on the rise.

Score: 9/10

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