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Maxstone – 'Moonlight'

  • 1 min read

A four-piece punk and metal hybrid from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, Maxstone are a band that have perfected their style. Technical, yet wonderfully melodic, they’ve spent well over a decade creating and refining their unique sound, pushing the boundaries in both the studio and at their raucous live shows. Currently working with independent label Fixed Frequency, Maxstone have recently released ‘Moonlight’, a powerful new single that might just be their breakthrough anthem.

Casting a shadow over an almost serene musical plain, ‘Moonlight’ opens with rolling waves of electric guitar that build anticipation and set an atmospheric mood. It’s a literal calm before the storm as the song eventually transitions into a destructive series of percussive strikes and the deafening call of “Watch Out!”. It’s a brilliant introduction to those who have never heard Maxstone’s sound before, capturing all the technical skills that they have obtained over the years, while also showing their creative depth with ease.

With elements of hyperspeed, modern punk rock and traditional hard rock, ‘Moonlight’ is the contemporary sound of metal. It’s the sound of a revitalised genre that’s been honed to near-perfection, enabling fans of old and new to easily find enjoyment within it. Maxstone have certainly made waves in the past, but ‘Moonlight’, it just might be their tsunami.

Hear ‘Moonlight’ in full on Fixed Frequency’s Bandcamp page, and grab your own copy as a ‘Name Your Price’ purchase.

Score: 8/10

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