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Melany Thompson – ‘Memories of Home’

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After starting piano lessons at the young age of four, Melany Thompson found a passion for music that has carried on to this very day. Spending her childhood performing in music eisteddfods and recitals, she had the honour of performing at the famous Sydney Opera House in a concert for young performers at the tender age of eleven. Although a passion, her music eventually fell by the wayside, with her formal lessons and piano playing placed on hold and relegated to a joyful pastime in favour of new sporting and creative endeavours.

Preferring to play for her own leisure, Melany eventually returned to music, composing her own songs and slowly piecing together a more formal career after conquering the corporate world and starting a loving family. With her passion in full swing, it wasn’t long before Melany was able to complete her dream of recording an album of her own original music, revealing ‘Memories of Home’ to the world this year.

A collection of textured and evocative piano pieces, the eleven tracks on ‘Memories of Home’ were recorded at Underwood Studio in the picturesque Blue Mountains, where Melany grew up. A very personal release, the album is an ode to her upbringing and the moments that shaped her life, as well as a touching dedication to her loving family and the constant support they have given her.

Eleven original pieces in total, the album is a lavish display of songwriting prowess. Beginning with the opening few bars of ‘Autumn Dancing’ you can tell that Melany’s songwriting comes from a place of personal and creative influence, and the soft melodies that she forms flow together to create an almost seamless musical narrative. As one song ends, and another begins, there is an inherent and wonderfully nuanced sense of cohesion, pulled together by her talents as both a piano player and composer.

An inspiring album, compositions like ‘Timeless (The Wedding Song)’ and ‘Running Free’ showcase the depth of Melany’s work, bringing to light an inherent emotive shade that can only be achieved through an open and honest connection with the music. When writing the album Melany said that she wanted to inspire her children through music, and with the release of ‘Memories of Home’, it’s easy to say that she’ll have done just that.

‘Memories of Home’ is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Score: 8.5/10

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