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Olexandr Ignatov – ‘Forgotten Reality’

  • 2 min read

A composer, musician, and performer that has been refining his craft for more than ten years, Olexandr Ignatov has become one of the most prolific composers in modern music. His debut solo album, ‘Prime I’ was released in 2012 to great acclaim, combining four solo tracks in an experiment, progressive rock style with three distinctly mellow piano ballads.

The next step to beginning his career came through uploading and licencing his music to AudioJungle in 2014. Two years later and he’s earned ‘Elite' status on the platform, with more than 1000 individually produced items on his portfolio covering all manner of genres. While his work on AudioJungle has helped make him one of the top-selling, royalty-free producers in the world, it’s his evolving solo career that has really captured our attention.

His latest expansive release, ‘Forgotten Reality’ is a sixteen-track collection of short, but wonderfully complex pieces. It’s an album that fully encapsulated the term ‘cinematic’, with every track sweeping away all other sound and replacing it with lavish, intoxicating compositions. Tracks such as ‘Land of The Lost’ and the title track are undeniably emotive, with each one building their own worlds of immersive sound. They’re perfectly orchestrated and as a whole, the album flows together, stitching together the individual tracks into a breath-taking musical soundscape.

It’s not all grand, orchestral pieces though, with tracks like ‘Infinite Survival’ showing a more delicate, piano-driven side to Ignatov’s work and proving he really is a master of his craft.

Soon to be released, ‘Forgotten Reality’ is the latest in a long line of acclaimed work. Hear more from Olexandr Ignatov on iTunes and Spotify through the links below.

Score: 9/10

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