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Prodijvy – 'Vengeance EP'

  • 2 min read

A growing name in Washington’s trap music scene, Prodijvy is the moniker of an inspired eighteen-year-old producer with a flair for fusing the dark and cinematic. A talent that one day hopes to find the perfect blend of trap-style instrumentals and cinematic movie scores, Prodijvy is a project that seems to constantly be in evolution. With a sound that is currently inspired by artists such as Zack Hemsey, NF, Eestbound, Lionaire, and Noax, Prodijvy’s latest mark upon his state’s musical landscape is the ‘Vengeance EP’, an eight-track collection of atmospheric anthems.

Although trap music has it’s roots steeped in the late ’90s, long before Prodijvy’s time, he’s caught up fast, taking the modern iteration dragging it into some dark new spaces. Heavy on the bass tones and steeped high in resounding atmospherics, the EP opens with ‘Lions Roar’, a five-minute balancing act between light flickering tones and an overarching dark. It’s a song that holds within it an immutable sense of wonder that is constantly engaging, right down to the lion’s roar that breaks through the digital soundscape.

From there, the release goes orchestral on ‘Succubus’, with quickfire strings clashing against electronic beats and spiralling digital sounds to create a dense maelstrom of unique energy. A release of calculated plays, the ‘Vengeance EP’ emerges early as a fine meshing of refined instrumentation and organic emotion. Being able to build dynamic walls of sound from foundations of simple percussion or basic processed beats, as he does on ‘Cold & Calculated’ and ‘Checkmate’ is an impressive feat, particularly when it’s all done so seamlessly.

Saving the best for last, closing track ‘Sharingan’ has it all; dark rolling waves of sound, stuttering beats that play on our sense of anticipation, a slow backing melody that is unrelenting in its subtle power, and even the occasional quote from Naruto. It’s a track that shows just how close Prodijvy is coming to realising his hopes, and that fact that he’s doing it at such a young age is awe-inspiring.

Dark trap might be the main musical style on the release, but when you hear the EP, you hear and feel so much more. It’s a release that holds real and lasting weight, one that takes the Prodijvy name and aligns it firmly with a sense of vision and overwhelming talent.

You can stream the ‘Vengeance EP’ in full now on SoundCloud.

Score: 9/10

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