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Rasmus Fynbo – ‘The Greater Good’

  • 2 min read

A Danish singer-songwriter with a unique a largely undefinable sound, Rasmus Fynbo has spent years crafting his deft combination of pop, rock, and timeless folk. Within a wonderfully diverse background and a seemingly limitless range of inspirations, Rasmus has quickly become one of modern pop’s most intriguing and surprising new talents. Experimental and deeply immersive, Rasmus’ music has constantly challenged the status quo, proving that pop doesn’t have to follow the same old formula.

In his latest album, Rasmus has clearly taken this ethos to heart, pushing his mercurial style to even greater and more expansive depths. Titled ‘The Greater Good’, the album arrives as a far more acoustic and sombre affair than some of Rasmus’ earlier works, bringing to the fore ten original tracks that spark with vision, conscience, and an undeniable Balkan twist.

Opening with ‘Whisper’, the album wastes no time in setting the mood, offering a simple, rustic soundscape that leans heavily on Rasmus’ Balkan influences. Paced to fit within a unique creative region between global pop and more alternative rock, the single is an honest and unassuming introduction to his art. Second cut ‘The Freedom To’ traces a more traditional and divisive path, blending subtle reggae sounds with his acoustic sound while boldly sticking two fingers up at climate change deniers who would rather burn down the planet than change their ways.

Third track ‘Repeat’ shines with a dark, rolling melody, casting a new focus and light upon Rasmus’ sound. It’s an instantly recognisable highlight on the album, offering one of the few electric moments on the record. Following numbers ‘Your War’ and ‘Children of the Sand’ buck this trend in favour of more rustic melodies, capturing a timeless essence that Rasmus has combined with more contemporary pop stylings before lead single ‘Shadows’ appears in all its folk-inspired glory. Another of the album’s highlights, ‘Shadows’ holds a firm line between brilliantly eclectic and enchantingly traditional, bringing the very best of both worlds to the fore.

As ‘Shadows’ fades, the album begins it’s closing remarks, capturing any lingering hearts and minds in a triumphant chorus of ‘The Blind Eye’, ‘The Mayfly’, and ‘Become No One’. Compelling, to say the least, the final tracks of the album are something of the most impressive, building on the deft mix of colour, sound, and social commentary that Rasmus seems to have mastered throughout the record.

Everything about ‘The Greater Good’ is built to make a mark and cast a shadow, and it all works together so brilliantly to do just that. From the striking artwork and colourful nature of the tracks to the poignant and powerful lyrics that are woven through each piece of clever instrumentation, every part of the album leaves you wanting more.

You can stream ‘The Greater Good’ on Spotify today.

Score: 8.5/10

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