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Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) – ‘Across The World’

  • 2 min read

A hip-hop artist who was born in the heart of Chicago, Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) is here to preach the unapologetic truth. Having made the move to Las Vegas, Real Talk’s unique brand of hip-hop is all about the real life, shining a light on the good, the bad, and the ugly. An artist who prides himself on authenticity and honesty, his work has long since drawn acclaim for its volume, confidence, lyricism and unique approach to expression.

Not short of confidence or bravado, Real Talk describes himself as “the true meaning of survival”, and his back-catalogue is a list of trail blazing hip-hop releases that are simply unique. To date, his albums include ‘Jack of All Trades’, ‘Real Talk 4 the World’, ‘We Talk N Lej3ndary’, ‘Black Mozart’, ‘King Slayer Turn King’, and most recently, ‘Moirai’. Together, they make an unrelenting wall of authentic hip-hop sounds that are studded with anthemic singles like ‘Across The World’.

His latest release which is available now on Spotify and iTunes, ‘Across The World’ continues Real Talk’s mission to bring the truth into the light. Built upon a series of heavy beats and rallying with lyrics that were born from a truly honest place, it’s a track that hits, and hits hard.

Arriving on a tide of unwavering confidence, ‘Across The World’ is a deceptively complex track, bringing together a strong series of beats with Real Talk’s natural flow and insightful, homegrown lyrics. Polished and perfectly presented, ‘Across The World’ is a product of Real Talk’s ambition and lifestyle, crossing the boundaries between what he’s done, and what’s set to do with seamless ease.

The lyricism is the centrepiece of the track, holding your focus and hitting you with line and line of savage realism. Backing it all up is an energised series of instrumentals that contrast a dark energy and build anticipation perfectly. A throwback to the golden age of hip-hop, ‘Across The World’ has the power to become the cornerstone of Real Talk’s legacy and the spark that sets fire to his Spotify channel.

Impressive both conceptually and musically, the new single is equal parts vibrant fantasy and visceral reality, drawing you into the new world of hip-hop brilliance that Real Talk has created. It’s a track that goes to prove that Real Talk is more than just bluster and bravado, and that he legitimately has the chops to not only make it in this game, but to change the whole game for the better.

With a massive career already, it’s impossible to pinpoint all of Real Talk’s most accomplished or impressive moments, but without a doubt, ‘Across The World’ surely has to be amongst them. Setting a massive standard for what’s to come, the new single has earmarked Real Talk as one of the modern greats, and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

Score: 8.5/10

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