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Rob Favotto – ‘Liberation’

  • 2 min read

An Australian guitarist with a penchant for cosmic rock melodies and orchestral dynamics, Rob Favotto has become a name synonymous with contemporary progressive rock. An instrumental force that blends cosmic sounds with meditative breaks, Rob has wasted little time creating his musical legacy, fusing clean chordal rhythm passages and distorted lead themes into a truly epic sound.

In his latest release, the nearly six-and-a-half-minute long ‘Liberation’, Rob has ventured deep into the heart of his celestial sound, bringing his listener on an instrumental adventure into the outer limits and beyond. Taken from ‘Lift Off’, his recently released and greatly celebrated new record, ‘Liberation’ capture the very essence of Rob’s sound, illustrating his dynamic, shifting style and vibrant sound with crystal clear clarity.

Arriving with a quick-fire cascade of wandering guitar notes, ‘Liberation’ begins with an undeniably sense of immediacy, announcing its presence with a precise and empyrean sound. It’s a quick transient take off, one that soon fades into the textured central melody of the piece, a deft ambient blend of sonic guitar chords and nuanced percussive strikes. Acting as a musical bridge between our reality and the next, ‘Liberation’ sets its own pace, refusing to be rushed, and content to simply amble through the ethereal space that it's created.

As the journey enters its closing half, the song fades into a dark, swirling mass of ambient tones and shadowed half-vocals, cloaking itself in an air of mystery. It’s a poignant moment, one that holds your focus well, drawing you in for the final stage of your journey. A glistening and revelatory finale, ‘Liberation’ ends with a final climb to progressive paradise, bringing the epic journey to an end with both a flourish and a lasting sense of magic.

Featuring all the hallmarks of Rob’s stylised sound, ‘Liberation’ is a sweeping and wonderfully illustrative composition, one that makes good on all his cosmic claims, and then some.

You can stream ‘Liberation’ today on Spotify, and be sure to visit Rob’s Bandcamp page to stream and purchase all his releases.

Score: 7.5/10

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