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Rob Favotto – ‘Lift Off’

  • 2 min read

An artist who is well on his way to becoming an icon of the progressive rock scene, Rob Favotto has been creating his own brand of cosmic rock for years now. With his reputation built on epic, sonically driven and lavish, expansive tracks that take their listener on a unique musical journey. Joined by the talented Jimmy Yannieh on drums, Rob has been busily creating his own cosmic world, building it piece-by-piece with a string of magical singles.

His latest offering, and the opening track to his album of the same name, ‘Lift Off’ is the beginning of an enchanting musical journey, bridging the gap between Rob’s vivid musical reality and our own. An illustrative force that perfectly showcases Rob’s signature blends of clean rhythmic passages and distorted lead themes, there is an immediacy to ‘Lift Off’ that reflects the cosmic theme, capturing the energy, excitement, and underlying tension of a new space age odyssey.

All throughout the near-seven-minute single, guitar wail and howl with force, crashing down upon an unstoppable tempest of percussive drum strikes and fading keys to create a beautiful, shifting sound. As the tempo shifts and the melodies twist, Rob shows the true extent of his creative vision, bending the genre to his will and layering the track with waves glorious, technicolour sound.

It’s so easy to lose yourself in Rob’s work, and ‘Lift Off’ is a perfect example of just how much he puts into every composition. Stylistically and musically diverse, but completely entertaining in every sense of the word, ‘Lift Off’ is a musical gateway to another world, one in which Rob does, and always will, reign supreme.

You can stream ‘Lift Off’ today on Spotify and alongside its official music video, and be sure to visit Rob’s Bandcamp page to stream and purchase all his releases.

Score: 8/10

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