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Rob Georg – ‘Beast Made of Steel’

  • 2 min read

In a world that has been oversaturated by generic pop songs and cliched hip-hop anthems, it’s always refreshing to hear some authentic country sounds crackling on their airwaves. Returning to the fold with a brand new single, Rob Georg has delivered another authentic slice of Americana, building on the sounds of previous singles ‘Time For Some Ink’ and ‘Sunsets At The Ranch’.

A straight-up rustic hit with no needless bells and whistles, ‘Beast Made of Steel’ is a solid new single that packs a melodic punch, pulling out all the stops in a raucous ode to a staple of the genre. A visceral experience of rolling guitar chords and timeless country charm, Rob’s vocals carry the song with grit and harmony, creating the tactile signature sound that we’ve all come to love. Joined by Kristin K. Smith and Skot Bradley, there a constant stream of impressive moments, including group vocals that kick and fade, a medley of impressive guitar skills, and a classic country, ‘Yee-Ha’ to top it all off.

A tribute song of sorts, ‘Beast Made of Steel’ is a modern country classic that had all the trademark elements of an instant hit. In his own words, Rob describes the song as, “a thank you in (the) form of handmade country music”, and a reflection of “life behind the wheel”. You can tell it’s a subject that is dear to Rob’s heart, and the way he carries the song says it all. Built with a confidence and heartfelt arrangement, it’s as authentic as it gets.

Arriving alongside its official music video, a clever compilation of steel beasts sent in from truckers stationed all across the US, it’s hard not to get swept away by the fever and excitement of the track.

A wonderful and involving song, there is plenty of talent on show, from the overall acoustic feel to the stream of light keyboard notes and the twang of rustic slide guitar, it creates an impressive stage from which Rob’s vocals can soar. Potentially his most accessible and enjoyable single to date, ‘Beast Made of Steel’ is a definite song to remember.

You can stream ‘Beast Made of Steel’ on Spotify today, as well as on iTunes and Apple Music, and be sure to check out the official video above.

Score: 8/10

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