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Rob Georg – ‘Radio Cowboy’

  • 3 min read

A rare breed of artist, Rob Georg has spent the last few years rising through the ranks of the global country scene. Born in Germany and raised among horses, Rob began his professional life in equine sports before eventually finding his way into the joint roles of a singer-songwriter. Influenced heavily by the cowboy lifestyle, Rob found his way to Nashville where his newfound career blossomed, releasing a string of stellar country-rock singles that instantly impressed fans and critics alike.

Following in the footsteps of country legends like Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers and Blackberry Smoke, Rob has paid his dues and developed his sound, helped along the way by his talented producer and co-writer Kristin K. Smith. After teasing the release of his debut album for months now, ‘Radio Cowboy’ has finally arrived, bringing with it fifteen emotive, country gems that are purposefully built to be heard, felt, and enjoyed.

His latest, and arguably most anticipated, release, ‘Radio Cowboy’ is an immersive collection of original pieces written by Rob himself, along with the backing of his co-writers Kristin K. Smith, Skot Bradley, Patrick Alger, Shane Bates, Melanie Georg and Corey Lee Barker. A highly personal release, the songs held within the new album tell the story of Rob’s life so far, leaning on the autobiographical to bring about an accurate account of his life, loves, and stories.

Taking leading from a proud line of country innovators who are proving that you don’t need to be steeped in Americana to make authentic country-rock, Rob’s debut album is filled with the hallmarks of the genre, blending heartfelt emotion with a timeless and wonderfully rustic guitar.

Opening with an enticing and perfectly placed titles track, ‘Radio Cowboy’ swings into full gear from the very beginning, offering up a medley of signature guitar riffs and country-fuelled vocals. It’s a perfect introduction to the album, capturing the charming Nashville sound and removing any trace of doubt that one might have. With heart and resolve, Rob charts his story from equine sports to modern-day troubadour. It’s a free and wonderfully powerful opening number, one that rallies around greatness and promises big things to come.

Second cut ‘Carry The Wind’ surfaces as a delicate ballad filled with spiritual meaning and love for his show horse, balancing the dynamic nature of the album while showcasing Rob’s artistry an emotive touch. It’s a moving piece that is backed beautifully by the soulful third cut, ‘This Ain’t My First Rodeo’, along with the energetic upheaval of ‘Time For Some Ink’ and ‘Push That Horn’.

Firing the fuel further, tracks like ‘Dust’ unfold as a powerhouse of contemporary rock with distinct country vibes, while more slow-paced epics and previous singles such as ‘Sunsets at the Ranch’ and ‘This Gift Called Life’. Highlights of Rob’s repertoire, these past singles have already done their part impressing audiences, but on the album, they still sound as fresh and evocative as ever. Ending on a distinct and unyielding high, the album finally comes to a close with the country behemoth of ‘Beast Made of Steel’, a driven ode to the trucks that make America.

It’s not unusual for country albums to be steeped in personal reflection and honest moments, but ‘Radio Cowboy’ takes things a step further, infusing every track with a candid and pure connection to the heart and soul of the artist. In his journey to create the album, Rob has been able to make the most private emotions and personal moments shine with a universal appeal, intertwining them with strands of rustic instrumentals to create one of the finest country albums you’ll hear this year.

Score: 8.5/10

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