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Rob Georg – ‘Sunsets At The Ranch’

  • 2 min read

Born in the city of Tübingen in Germany, Rob Georg learned to play the piano as a child, before eventually switching to guitar and starting to write his own songs in her early teens. After buying his first guitar, Rob took to music and pushed on with a music career, releasing the acclaimed ‘This Ain’t My First Rodeo’ late into 2018. With music a constant companion, Rob has paved an impressive path for himself, bringing timeless country charm to the world with vivid modern energy.

Previously, we were lucky enough to review Rob’s modern classic, ‘Time For Some Ink’, a visceral mix of electric guitar and heavy, rolling vocals that instantly impressed. Now George has followed it up with another vibrant new single, the country odyssey of ‘Sunsets At The Ranch’.

A delicate blend between country and pop, ‘Sunsets At The Ranch’ is another impressive cut from a seemingly unstoppable talent. Shining with a subtle Americana edge that mixes with the rough country edge of Rob’s vocals, there is an unyielding authenticity to both the track and the video, stitched together by seamless streams of slide guitar, finger-picked acoustics, and soft, driven percussion.

Lyrically, the track focuses on the most precious of life’s values; love, companionship, and family, holding those themes close to the heart of the track. Rob’s vocals cut through the music cleanly, adding an emotive and passionate touch to the track that is impossible to deny. Throughout all Rob’s singles, his vocals have always held centre stage and made his tracks blossom with an undeniable honesty and authenticity, and with ‘Sunsets At The Ranch’, he’s sounding more impressive than ever.

Cast in a warm, reflective glow, everything about Georg’s new track is brilliantly done, capturing all the classic country sounds and mixing them with rolling, modern style. It’s a mature, affectionate piece that is deeply moving and emotionally honest, rising Rob’s sound to new cinematic heights. Accompanied by an evocative new video which features Rob and his girl silhouetted against a stellar example of the titular phenomenon, it’s all about those wholesome, simple moments where the hardships of life can fade away into scenes of perfect, uninterrupted bliss.

Simple, yet brilliantly done, ‘Sunsets At The Ranch’ is another strong track from Rob, proving his talents for softer, more emotive pieces. Everything from the instrumentals, to the vocals and production, is seamlessly and cohesive, bringing to life a unified creative vision that is all the more powerful for its carefully cultivated nature. The way that the diverse guitar tracks overlap and interact with one another and the subtle sprinkle of keys creates a textured and impressive melody that cuts through the more meaningless noise of reality, transporting you away from grey skies and city streets to the calm, peaceful trails of a Nashville evening.

‘Sunsets At The Ranch’ is available now on YouTube, along with most streaming platforms.

Score: 8.5/10

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