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Robin Whispers – 'Drunk in Stockholm'

by Thomas Bedward October 15, 2017

Robin Whispers – 'Drunk in Stockholm'

Set within a rotating banner at the top of Robin’s website are the boastful sentences of “Self-proclaimed king of music” and “I am the producer they tell fairy tales about..”, but when you venture through his ‘About’ section, you soon find the context for his claims. Born in 1990, the young Swedish producer has already amassed over 40 million streams on SoundCloud, over 150 thousand views on Youtube, and had his track ‘Love Song’ ranked as either number 1 or number 2 across SoundCloud’s classical charts on four separate occasions.

Although currently unsigned, Robin has made great strides in the worlds of house, dubstep, and classical fusion, bringing about his own wave of chillstep madness to audiences around the globe. His latest piece is a three-minute mix of resounding bass and well-layered synths titled ‘Drunk in Stockholm’. It’s a pop-tinged gem that revels in on-point mastering and production that serves to heighten every note, and since it’s arrival on SoundCloud six months ago, it’s already notched up over 10 million listens.

Pieced together from a fusion of classic and modern sounds, ‘Drunk in Stockholm’ unfolds as the quintessential soundtrack to a wild night out. It’s a pop song that has been warped into a euphoric house anthem, pushing waves of glistening synths and smooth vocals together to balance out heavier bass tones and the most subtle hints of experimental urges. It’s a song that looks to catch your attention and hold it for dear life, hoping you won't start to notice the somewhat shallow repetitious patterns that lurk beneath the polished production. It’s a sin easily forgiven in this case though, with the song hitting its target audience squarely in the face.

Score: 7.5/10

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