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Roger Limoges – 'Beyond The Abyss'

  • 2 min read

A professional musician based out of the New England area, Roger Limoges has been playing music since the young age of fourteen. A talented guitarist, Limoges built his passion for music on the backs of bands and artists like Roy Orbison, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Between the Buried and Me, devouring all styles of music and forging his own creative sound. After being educated by a Berklee school of music master for several years, Limoges took to teaching, furthering his career and cementing himself as a central part of the New England music scene.

With his roots firmly planted, Limoges decided to branch out with his own music. After gaining an insight into the music industry with his previous bands Alice, TVE, Ruins/Volumes and Disco Dancing with Charles Manson, he moved on to create a series of highly successful videos and commercials, as well as a gear demo for Megadeth that has featured to this day on their social media pages.

His biggest undertaking to date, ‘Beyond The Abyss’ is the album that Limoges has always wanted to make. His debut solo album, ‘Beyond The Abyss’ is a nine-track collection of progressive metal that was entirely composed by Limoges himself. What’s more, every instrument heard on the album was played by Limoges, with the sole exception of synths which was helmed brilliantly by guest musician Aaron Roberts.

Flanked by two building atmospheric tracks in ‘Voyager 1’ and ‘Voyager 2’, the album builds a sense of brooding familiarity before launching straight into an almost unrelenting metal sound. Guitars cry as rapid-fire drum beats strike the erratic soundscapes, and somehow each track manages to find a melodic flow through the sheer weight of the instrumentation. Epics such as ‘Enter Inertia’ and ‘Alienation’ showcase the technical prowess that Limoges has managed to obtain, while also highlighting his compositional ability to build dense walls of sound that are impressive, but not insurmountable. It’s a fine balancing act that helps refine the maelstrom of sounds present within ‘Beyond The Abyss’, making it an album of impressive vision and calculated restraint, which from a debut album is incredible to hear.

You can stream ‘Beyond The Abyss’ now on Limoges’ official website or on Bandcamp and is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Pandora, as well as in stores such as Hot Topic and Best Buy this summer.

Score: 9/10

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