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Savi Kaboo – ‘Music on the Daily’

  • 2 min read

One of hip-hop’s most exciting and refreshing new talents, Savi Kaboo has taken 2020 by storm, releasing a stunning string of releases that date back to her January debut, ‘Elevate’. A truly unique and wonderfully versatile talent, Savi has been steadily breaking boundaries and re-shaping the current hip-hop soundscape with a delicate and empathetic flair, creating an immersive style that encompasses her music, fashion, and lifestyle.

The latest in her blossoming discography, ‘Music on the Daily’ has quickly become one of Savi’s most engaging releases to date. A glistening example of her sound, the new single is a deft weave of poignant melodies, unique, harmonic vocals and quick-stepping beats that form a perfect wave of shimmering alt-rap sounds.

Poetic, powerful, and unique to Savi, ‘Music on the Daily’ shines on multiple layers, carving a sun-kissed path through one of the world’s most over-saturated genres. Transitioning between nuanced flowing verse and shimmering choruses that resonate with empathy, heart, and Savi’s glittering signature sound. Beautiful for its complexity and shining with polished production, ‘Music on the Daily’ is ambitious, thoughtful, and absolutely befitting of Savi’s talents.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Music on the Daily’ builds upon Savi’s ability to create textured songs our of uniquely layered parts that few artists would ever think to put together, boldly creating a classic, but fiercely modern melody that concisely encapsulates all of Savi’s strengths.

Built on imagination and filled with a sonic wonder that only Savi can produce, ‘Music on the Daily’ is a single perfectly befitting of Savi’s iconic status and reputation as someone who refuses to keep in step with the rest of the world.

Stream her new single above via YouTube, and be sure to follow her on her social media pages so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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