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Southernayers – ‘Slumber’

  • 2 min read

A thoughtful duo with a penchant for blending vibrant pop and dazzling indie electronica together, Southernayers’ sound is built from a love of the creative greats like Bowie, Joy Division, and Jellyfish. Seamlessly blending melancholy lyrics with lavish, old-school pop melodies, they’re sound is a refreshing burst of modern indie that echoes the dizzying sounds of the 80’s.

Together, the duo of Mick and Kaylee have already laid down the foundations of an impressive legacy, creating the spark of things to come with a series of impressive releases like their debut album, ‘Ghost In This House’, which No Depression Roots Music Journal called “ of the best debut albums that I’ve heard. A stunning release, the album was six tracks of melancholy, passion, and timeless invention, setting the stage perfectly for their next great single, ‘Slumber’.

Echoing with shades of early U2, Arcade Fire, and the textured emotive qualities of Death Cab For Cutie, ‘Slumber’ is a cultivated mix of wonderfully melancholic tones that expand and spread to become a lavish soundscape. Let with a brilliant human touch, the heart and soul of the single shines, bringing out the emotion in Mick’s vocals and matching them flawlessly with rustic melody of inlaid into each instrument. There is an inherent lightness in the track, with flickering tones that flow in and out of the composition, pushing a subtle thread of contrast throughout the song, while the constant, moving melody drives you to simply want more and more.

Instantly captivating and entirely impressive, ‘Slumber’ has a hidden frailty that makes it so mesmerising, largely due to Mick’s vocals and the presence that they bring. There are moments where you might lose his voice amongst the cascading tones of the instrumentals, but they always return to the fore, bringing with them a wave of emotions.

A single that has definitely piqued are interest in the band, ‘Slumber’ is a single that everyone should take the time to appreciate.

Score: 9/10

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