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Stephon Foster – ‘Boy, I Quit’

  • 2 min read

At just nineteen years old, Stephon Foster already has an accomplished musical history behind her. After starting to make music in late 2015, she quickly went on to release her debut studio album in 2017, earning a loyal following thanks to her emotive mix of contemporary RnB and soul. After complications releasing her third album, Stephon took two years away from the music scene, taking the time to reflect and plan a whole new project. Now, Stephon is back with her first, true comeback single, ‘Boy, I Quit’.

Opening with a mellow, relaxed sound, ‘Boy, I Quit’ works with a subtle simplicity, patching together strands of glistening guitar with a lustrous vocal loop that play upon each other and create a light, shimmering sound. When Stephon’s vocals cut in, it’s with a brisk, unexpected pace, pushing through the gentle backing with their own rhythm and sound. It’s a quick evolution that carries forward into the chorus and real hook of the song, washing over the listener with a cascading, easy flow.

It’s an intriguing contrast between the calmness of the music and the urgency of the vocals, one that first lands as somewhat jarring as you struggle to find each lyric and your attention is torn between two competing tones, but as the track lingers and rolls on, the vision and personal touches within ‘Boy, I Quit’ become clearer and clearer. The personal touches are what really make the song something special, and it’s the honesty and authenticity of the lyrics that do break through the that paint a vivid picture.

Stephon herself has said that the song can be interpreted as a break-up song, and it’s easy to see why, but with the music flowing with a sense of real ambient grace, it’s hard to hold on to any form of sad or otherwise painful emotions. It’s a song of two very different tones, tones that seem to compete with one another at first, but end up in a vibrant unity, one that calls for revitalisation and relief, one where new starts and fresh beginnings to happily spring to life.

A song that anyone can relate too, ‘Boy, I Quit’ is all about letting go and being free, and creatively, that’s exactly what Stephon has done. The contrast between the dense, quick-fire lyrics and slow, calmly paced instrumentals is an key example of moving forward, trying something new, and letting go of the past. It’s a track that was essentially born from the unfortunate ruins of her lost second album, and in every way the track brilliantly reflects it.

An emotional return to the music world, ‘Boy, I Quit’ sees Stephon Foster on increasingly steady ground. It’s a song that hints a big things in the future while also being careful not to overstep it’s mark or promise too much. Ultimately, it’s a song that hints at more music and more growth to come, and we can’t wait for that.

You can stream ‘Boy, I Quit’ above via YouTube, or find it on iTunes and Soundcloud today.

Score: 7.5/10

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