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Stephon Foster – ‘Stay In My Dreams’

  • 2 min read

Throughout 2019 we’ve become very well acquainted with the work of Stephon Foster. An artist who first took to the music industry in 2015, it only took her a few short years to release her debut studio album and start building a loyal following for her emotive mix of contemporary RnB and heartfelt soul. After several complications that stalled, and eventually cancelled the release of her third album, Stephon took the brave move of stepping away from the industry so that she could focus on herself and her own wellbeing.

Returning at the start of 2019, Stephon has become a fixture on our website, leaping back into the spotlight with talk of releasing her long-awaited third album. In the months that have passed we’ve been treated to two fresh singles, the emotionally charged comeback hit ‘Boy, I Quit’ and energetic, rapid fire, call to arms of ‘Snake’. Previously untitled and kept well under wraps, we’ve only just learnt the title of the anticipated new album, with Stephone revealing the title alongside a brand new single just a few days ago.

Set for release some time later this year, the new album will be called ‘BEWARE’, a fitting name for what promises to be a meteoric return to the music scene. The third single from the upcoming album, ‘Stay in My Dreams’ is billed as a deft collaboration between Stephon and Steady Creating.

In her own words, ‘Stay in My Dreams’ is “once again one of those light-hearted fun sides of my album”, but when listening to the track, there’s so much more to it than that. Presenting itself as a subtle hit of nostalgia, the new single is a vibrant, wonderfully infectious new single that proudly holds to a powerful, indelible rhythm. Floating through transient shades of sweeping beats and a driven melody, its an entrancing song that presents itself perfectly.

Potentially her most musically complex song to date, ‘Stay in My Dreams’ holds so much within it, seamlessly bringing together a variety of elements to make one hugely entertaining ride. The dual vocals of Stephon and Steady are perfectly positioned within the song, bringing a sense of authentic chemistry and clear warmth, especially throughout the choruses. The transitions between the vocals styles is effortless, with each artist bringing out the best in the other. Stephon’s melodic vocals flow into Steady’s rap verses, building anticipation and setting the stage, while the transition back really lets the character and delivery of Stephone’s voice shine.

Musically diverse and entirely captivating, ‘Stay in My Dreams’ is more definitive proof that Stephon is no longer confined by style or genre. Armed with a real talent for songwriting and a love for music that has driven her resurgence, Stephon is proving that her comeback is something that’s not to be overlooked.

‘Stay In My Dreams’ is available to stream now via Spotify or for purchases on iTunes.

Score: 8.5/10

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