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Temperature Falls – ‘Cut the Wire’

  • 2 min read

Born from a chance encounter several years ago, Temperature Falls have risen to become one of Norway’s most intriguing musical duos, delivering a refreshingly unique and increasingly diverse stream of trip-hop infused releases. The creative brainchild of Ian J. Ward and Camilla, Temperature Falls have become regular features on our pages, and while they might still hang around the fringes of the mainstream, their sound and style have been drawing a steady crowd, consistently enchanting their listeners with an expressive mix of eclectic style and soothing vocals.

In their latest release, the dramatically titled ‘Cut The Wire’, Ian and Camilla have returned to their more straight-forward, indie inspired roots, leaving behind the tangled melodies of previous single ‘Solace’ in favour of a more singular focus. Delivering a solid groove, down-tempo beat, and driving baseline that pitch and turn below Camilla’s vibrant vocals, ‘Cut The Wire’ seamlessly links emotion and energy, crafting them into a neat and thoroughly enjoyable four-minute track.

A song about how much you would do just to survive, ‘Cut The Wire’ explores the will to survive that is ingrained in every one of us, asking what you would do if your life was on the line. On the surface, it’s a deceptively upbeat piece, gliding into view on a wave of polished vocals and glossy production, offering a helping hand and pushing you to carry on. Paired with a vibrant energy and tight-knit drums that bolster Camilla’s emotive vocals, it paints an inspiring picture that most will undoubtedly find solace in.

It’s what lies under the glossy, trip-hop veneer that really intrigues us though. Steeped in dark, rolling bass tones and a shifting almost foreboding atmosphere, Temperature Falls look deeper into our primal thoughts, pushing to see what will happen when we finally reach our breaking point. It’s this unmistakable darkness that makes the new single so enthralling, adding an underlying and inescapable current into the mix.

It’s this contrast between the two sections that make the single work, and both Ian and Camilla should be wholeheartedly congratulated for being willing to push their boundaries and perfect the technique. By giving the song that added dimension, they’ve also added another level of energy and anticipation, elevating above your typical trap-infused pop song and making it something far more impressive. It’s a subtle, nuanced blend, but one that works so well, and as your focus drifts between the two layers of the track, so too does the meaning you take from it, making it a triumph through and through.

Available to stream now via YouTube, ‘Cut the Wire’ is set for its official release on all streaming services on the 21st of May this year (2020). Be sure to check it out above, and then head over to Temperature Falls’ website and social media pages for all the latest news, shows, and releases.

Score: 8.5/10

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