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Review: Temperature Falls – ‘Temperature Falls’

  • 2 min read

Born from a chance meeting at a party in Oslo, Temperature Falls came together purely through serendipity. After moving country to start a new life, Ian had started to begin writing music in his newly rented basement apartment an hour North of Oslo, in a town called Jessheim. A chance meeting at a co-workers party meant that his path crossed with Camilla, a talented vocalist and musician who was on the hunt for a new creative outlet.

After a few weeks in Ian’s studio, the newfound duo’s first few tracks came to fruition and they both knew they had to continue with their joint project. Every free moment of 2018 was crammed into writing, re-writing, and recording their songs, until finally in the latter part of the year, they were satisfied they had put every drop of their souls into their debut record.

Mixing styles from a wide range of genres and influences, from contemporary to classic artists, their self-titled debut record took shape through a wave of heavy percussive beats, spiralling electronics, and Camilla’s haunting, yet invigorating vocals. Creating a unique lo-fi sound that holds your focus with a rough, ensnaring sound, the eponymous release sets an instant tone with opening track ‘Darkness All Around’, a dark, rolling cut of developed atmospherics. It’s a tone that lingers brilliantly throughout the course of the album, shifting between more energised cuts like ‘Guilty / Stability’, which rallies around a soaring stream of guitar towards the end, and the slow, relentless droning vibes of epics like ‘1000 Teardrops’.

Infused with a brooding, almost deconstructed grunge aesthetic, ‘Temperature Falls’ is a masterclass in using minimalist arrangements, isolated vocals, and relentless atmospherics to create an impenetrable sound. While the band might have started by chance, their debut album has risen from hard work, determination, and constant evolution, resulting in one of the most dynamic and original records of the year so far.

Score: 8.5/10

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