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The Ambrosia Effect – ‘Netflix and Feels’

  • 2 min read

A collaborative duo, The Ambrosia Effect is the creative outlet of two distinct artists and brothers in arms, Dedrick and Nonchalant Yoshi. Based out of Austin, Texas, the duo makes music that hits hard and leaves a lingering mark upon their audience. Never lacking in content and substance, their Spotify profile is a growing list of tracks and achievements, including ‘Netflix and Feels’, one of their most accomplished hip-hop tracks so far.

Released a month ago, the single is all about that beat, kicking out with a hybrid sounds between classic RnB and smooth, cultivated trip-hop. Infused with a blossoming cinematic aesthetic, ‘Netflix and Feels’ brings together tongue-in-cheek lyrics, brash pop energy, and an unwavering confidence to create a single that is nothing if not entertaining. Unashamedly upbeat and built on a series of diverse vocal arrangements, ‘Netflix and Feels’ splits itself between clever, calculated wordplay and everyday rap bravado, pushing lines like “I’m no tin man / you enjoy my heartbeat” and “I shared a vape before the film / I need a snack and you’re looking like a meal” uphill on wave of intricate beats.

A world away from the usual hip-hop anthems that linger on the radio and offer little more than glossy streams of watered-down sound, 'Netflix and Feels' has its own unique character that makes it instantly recognisable. A deft, occasionally humorous inwards glance at the 'Netflix and Chill' generation, Dedrick and Nonchalant Yoshi have captured the spirit of their audience and reflected it perfectly with a hail of perfectly processed beats, creating a sound that is fresh and entirely there's to shape.

‘Netflix and Feels’ is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Score: 7/10

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