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The Silver Lake – ‘Actors’

  • 2 min read

A new breed of metal bands that are currently setting fire to the progressive metal scene, The Silver Lake have become one of the most exciting new exports to come out of Atlanta. Originally from Dallas, the duo of guitarist and drummer, Jesse Wormington and Tyler Mayfield, have a strong background in music and media from The Atlanta Institute, combining a strong understanding of musical theory with a passion for all things metal.

A cohesive compilation of the past six years of the duo’s lives, their debut album is a comprehensive and unapologetic reflection of friends, family, drug addictions, shows, and obstacles overcome, reaching deep into their collective histories to create a wonderfully illustrative sound. Built on the message to ‘own your soul, wield its power, and leave the fear behind’, their eponymous album is a powerful release that is lead by debut single, ‘Actors’.

A visceral metal track that opens with electric immediacy, ‘Actors’ is a refreshing mix of progressive metal and old school beatboxing, blending the dynamic flow of both styles into a unique, hybrid sound. Abrasive, anthemic, and unprecedented in its construction, the single is one of the most visceral and erratic singles you’re likely to hear this year, creating an unassailable aural assault that carves a definitive path through the current musical soundscape.

An impressive and refreshing take on a timeless genre, ‘Actors’ is an essential and unforgettable track that builds an unavoidable intrigue and excitement for the full record. It’s a bold creative statement and an absolute joy to behold.

You can find the full album today on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, and Spotify.

Score: 8/10

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