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Third & Delaware - 'Generations EP'

  • 1 min read

A young, up-and-coming band from Texas that are taking the metalcore scene head-on, Third & Delaware have been steadily earning a following through their deft blend of metalcore sounds and dark ambient melodies. It’s a sound that evolved through their heavy use of influences and clever incorporation of other genres, bringing about a sound that is wonderfully unique, but also very familiar.

It’s a unique and driven contrast that makes up the foundation of the band’s new EP, ‘Generations’, a five-track release that brilliantly showcases what the band can do. Opening track ‘Heart of Fire’ waste no time in building a dense wall of sound, forging a dark, melodic sound through explosive guitars and heavy, rolling percussion. Vocals alternate between clean, soaring choruses and growling verses, contrasting harsh sounds and driven instrumentals to bring about a decent balance.

‘Solemn Secrets’ is a pure anthem from the first snarled notes, and it’s possibly the band’s best track so far, bridging the gap between their more rampant, energetic segments and the softer, ambient meanderings. By the end of fifth track ‘Innocent By Association’, you come to realise that it’s an evolved mix of metalcore and post-hardcore that has found its voice in the ‘Generations’ EP, one that takes lead from the likes of Linkin Park and Bring Me the Horizon, but ultimately pushes towards fresh, contemporary sounds. A brilliant taste of what the band can achieve, the EP is enough to impress, while also leaving you wanting more.

Score: 8/10

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