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Toby TomTom – ‘Born 2 Be Free’

  • 2 min read

A self-contained, multi-genre songwriter and producer from Akron, Ohio, Toby TomTom has only recently made his debut on the international music scene, but he’s brought with him a wealth of experience. Now based in Long Island, NY, he’s an artist driven by lyrical honesty and the simplicity of folk music where he builds the foundation for all his songs. Chorded out on acoustic guitar and then seamlessly converted into sonic events that capture the spirit of EDM, Hip-Hop, funk, and modern RnB.

‘Born 2 Be Free’ is his debut single, a four-and-a-half minute anthem that brings together two years of tireless work. It’s a song that Toby quite literally built from the ground up, playing all the instrumentals, recording it, and mixing and mastering it to his own high standards. It’s also a song with a close personal connection for Toby, who composed and recorded it for his youngest son to remind him that love conquers fear and no matter where we come from, we all have the right to be free.

Musically, ‘Born 2 Be Free’ is an impressive number, bringing together subtle tribal beats with contemporary funk backing to produce a sound that easily holds your focus and captures your imagination. It’s a slow start that rises from a rapid barrage of sounds, slowly turning itself into a vibrant, well-orchestrated sound. The lyrics hold form and stay true to Toby’s vision, but it’s a shame that their delivery has been flattened and levelled out. While still emotive and in keeping with the funk-infused style of the song, they lack the lustre that could truly make the song come alive.

Available to stream via SoundCloud above, or on a number of other major platforms here, ‘Born 2 Be Free’ is an imperfect, but worthy debut from Toby TomTom.

Score: 7/10

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