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ToffoBean - 'Afternoon's In A Warm Embrace'

  • 1 min read

Presented by Glasgow’s evolving digital label, Rubber Taxi Records, ‘Afternoon’s In A Warm Embrace’ is the debut album from chilled out, beat-blending band, ToffoBean. A studio-based production team that specialises in making chilled beats from deft infusions of lounge, jazz, and chillout soundscapes, ToffoBean are masters of their unique genre.

Their debut album, ‘Afternoon’s In A Warm Embrace’, is a twelve-track collection that perfectly illustrates their sound and form. Inspired by hip-hop beats, heavy baselines and svelte harmonies, the album is a mellow compilation of smoky vibes and dispersed jazz-guitar licks. It’s an album that lends itself perfectly to lazy Sunday mornings and relaxing musical experiences, with songs like ‘Let’s Get Lost’ and ‘Moon Tan’ filling the airwaves with smooth, rolling textures.

It’s an intricate mix of seamless, almost organic compositions and well-calculated intricacies, with each track managing to build a unique, and comprehensive atmosphere that’s studded with flickering bursts of independent sound. Afternoon’s In A Warm Embrace’ has clearly been tailored as an overall album experience, and it’s easy to get that feel with each track shifting effortlessly into the next, adding more colours and textures to the whole creative form.

It’s not a flawless album, but it’s an album that’s so filled with smooth vibes, mellowed beats, and rich textures that you simply don’t mind about the blemishes.

Stream the album in its entirety now on Youtube.

Score: 7/10

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