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Tom Gorsich – ‘You & Me’

  • 2 min read

A worldwide music collaborator, musician, and producer from Slovenia, Tom Gorsich has been making waves in the music scene for years now, pairing his unique approach to indie-pop with some of the best independent talents around. As both an artist and producer, Tom has placed himself firmly at the forefront of the pop-rock genre, and with the release of his latest collaboration, he’s marked himself as a true pioneer.

After stumbling upon singer-songwriter Jason Brownlow online, the pair became an almost unstoppable musical force, releasing an invigorating trilogy of songs in the last few months alone. The third song in this growing collection, ‘You & Me’ arrived midway through May and has wasted no time in becoming a firm favourite among fans of both artists.

A tropical, sun-kissed pop song, ‘You & Me’ is a rare blend of heartfelt acoustic and dazzling pop sensibilities, spinning two distinct musical worlds into an infectious and completely unforgettable medley of lavish sounds. Opening with slow crooning vocals that shine with tenderness and heart, ‘You & Me’ lays down a stark, emotive foundation that lingers in a world of wistful romanticism and fading melancholy. As the song builds, a rich wash of percussive beats, pop tones, and semi-rapped vocals take hold, elevating the song beyond all expectation and making it utterly inescapable.

While the wash of summer sounds is what makes the song so appeal, it’s that central, heartfelt melody that draws you in and builds that human connection. Even in the more anthemic and polished moments, it’s that underlying rustic sound that pushes the single forward, offering a human touch and becoming the heart and soul that most modern pop songs lack.

Nuanced and wonderfully textured, there’s a spark of brilliance within every soaring chorus and every subtle flourish of synth sound in ‘You & Me’. Universally appealing, but with enough originality to make it stand out from the crowd, the song is a triumph for both Tom and Jason, proving their artist partnership beyond any shadow of a doubt.

You can stream the new single above alongside its official music video and be sure to follow both Tom and Jason on Facebook below for all the latest news and release.

Score: 8/10

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