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Tony Tig – 'Legasee'

  • 2 min read

Born and raised in the South Bay of Southern California, Tony Tig found instant fame when he went viral back in 2016 with his political anthem, ‘Feel the Bern’. It was a hip-hop juggernaut that came out in support of the then-presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, and while Sander’s sadly lost his bid for the presidency, Tony managed to make his own mark.

With the exception of this hype, Tony has been held under the radar, forging and refining his sound before unleashing it onto the wider world. As one half of the rap duo, A Sibling Rivalry, and as his own avid part of the well established West Coast Culture, Tony has made creativity, engaging honesty, and thought-provoking punchlines his speciality, with all three skills on display brilliantly on ‘Legasee’.

A twelve-track collection that brings together the spirit of 90’s West Coast hip-hop with a modern vision and brilliantly self-aware lyrics. Samples run amok, tethered only by Tony’s verse and evolving beats and baselines. One moment the music is chilled, harking back to the rolling baselines and synthesiser built tracks of the greats, the next it’s filled with rampant, almost explosive mixes of rapid-fire percussions and hard-hitting flow. It’s wonderfully varied, portraying the full skill set that Tony has at his disposal.

It’s easy to see ‘Legasee’ as the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication, and Tony’s ability to maintain his authenticity while delving into the lavish, expansive sound of West Coast hip-hop. It’s an album that will have something in it for any hip-hop fan, and it’s an impressive first step into what could be a really impressive career.

You can stream ‘Legasee’ in full now on Bandcamp, and it’s also available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and Google Play.

Score: 8.5/10

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