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Van King – ‘Tell Me’

  • 2 min read

The stage name of talented Toronto native Kevin Kozo, Van King is an expansive musical moniker on the verge of becoming an international name. Currently based in London, Kevin has been working hard to expand his career as a music producer into the realm of a recording artist. With a sound heavily influenced by modern RnB, Kevin has so far made the leap into music with relative ease, pushing boundaries and leaning heavily on his lifelong love of music to make visceral and evolved new sounds.

Recently, the aspiring musician has stepped out into the spotlight with his debut single ‘Tell Me’, taking to Spotify and various other platforms to push his luscious, cascading sounds. Opening onto a plain of reverberating beats and swirling synth tones, ‘Tell Me’ has a distinct pop sound, creating a digitally-tinged alternative RnB sound that is built to impress. With a flutter of autotune, Van King manages to back up his dark, rolling melody, creating a sound that breathes with a unique sense of character.

A smooth track that blossoming with a dark, pop sensibility, there is a seamless blend of styles and genres held within ‘Tell Me’, proving Van’s ability to write evolving alt. RnB songs that stand out from the crowd. A dark rolling joy to hear, it’s a single built to impress, cultivating a sense of confidence and glistening sound.

More than just you radio-friendly fodder, ‘Tell Me’ is an impressive debut from an aspiring new talent, make a memorable impression that lingers on the palette and clings to your consciousness. Available now on most major platforms, it’s a dynamic, shifting sound that promises big things for the enigmatic Van King.

Score: 7/10

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