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Weekendson – ‘Stay (feat. Irisey)’

  • 2 min read

A progressive folk artist from the beautiful and diverse plains of Iceland, Weekendson has become synonymous with tactile and emotive songwriting, colouring his native music scene with timeless folk aesthetic and an intimate personal approach. After releasing his eponymous debut album back in 2019, Weekendson began a textured aural assault on the world stage, stepping into the spotlight with a timeless and wonderfully evocative release that still sounds as fresh and effervescent as ever. Now, Weekendson is back with the help of local singer Irisey, bringing to light his most orchestral release to date.

Titled ‘Stay’, the new single is a spiritual successor to ‘The Blurry Brain’, an introspective, instrumental gem that delved deep into Weekendson’s mindset. It was a release that charted his personal journey through depression and turmoil, revealing itself through a deft composition of dark atmospherics and nuanced static, and offering a heartfelt introduction to his evolving sound. With ‘Stay’, Weekendson has been able to build on the precedent set by ‘The Blurry Brain’, creating a lavish, and often haunting sound that is perfectly complemented by Irisey’s serene vocals.

Backed by solitary piano keys that find themselves awash in a sea of shifting atmospheric tones, ‘Stay’ uses minimalist sounds to emphasis the isolation and hardship that inspired it, capturing the tragedy and heartbreak behind losing a family member and learning to cope with that loss.

Wonderfully immersive and arguably the most intimate of all his releases, ‘Stay’ is a prime example of honest and powerful songwriting. Filled with an unmistakable richness from the interplay between Irisey’s vocals and Weekendson’s instrumentation, ‘Stay’ is a cathartic experience like few others, one that will speak volumes to anyone who has suffered loss and tragedy in their life. It’s clear from even the first listen that Weekendson and Irisey have been able to completely lose themselves within the song, and it’s all the better for it.

You can stream ‘Stay’ above alongside its official music video, or find it on Spotify where you can listen now and follow Weekendson. You can also find the new single today on all major platforms by clicking here.

Score: 8.5/10

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