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William Jacobs – ‘Ozone’ EP

  • 2 min read

When we first met William Jacobs, he just about to release ‘Vapour Trail’, a stunning EDM anthem that foreshadowed the release of his new EP. Like much of Jacobs’ earlier work, ‘Vapour Trail’ was a single that slowly eased itself into existence, announces itself slowly, developing and unfolding before the listener. It was a track that found a unique harmony in never quite settling, offering shades of digital bliss that were simply unforgettable. Now, Jacobs is ready to build on the foundations that ‘Vapour Trail’ set, and his full ‘Ozone’ EP is now available.

A sixteen-year-old instrumental composer and producer from Lincolnshire, England, Jacobs’ sound leading up to his latest release has evolved tremendously. Initially focusing on light orchestral and piano-led music largely influenced by video game soundtracks, Jacobs has now progressed in a more electronic direction, uniquely fusing experimental IDM textures and ambient soundscapes with a melodic accessibility. His aim in his music is to create experiences which transport the listener elsewhere, inviting them to become lost in thought and within themselves, and with ‘Ozone’ he’s certainly achieved it.

A dizzying array of sounds that transport you to a dynamic new world, ‘Ozone’ is the perfect fusion of psychedelic vibes, sci-fi inspiration, and EDM energy, building a unique and constantly evolving scene of rhythmic beeps and soaring melodies. The title track is an incredible introduction to the EP, building an expansive soundscape of texture tones and visceral sonic sounds. Lead single ‘Vapour Trails’ is just as involving as when it first graced our speakers, and it leads wonderfully into ‘Stickman’, a track that samples a one hundred-year-old ballad of all things. Closer ‘Stasis’ features a disorienting and unusual 5/4 groove, coupling it with haunting melodies that contrast the sounds and add layer after layer of wonder to the track, finishing the EP on a definitive highpoint.

It’s mad to think that Jacobs is only sixteen because ‘Ozone’ is far more lavish and ambitious than his young age suggests. The scale of ‘Ozone’ alone makes it an impressive listen, but Jacobs has managed to craft it with such care that it seems almost organic in nature, with each sound rising out of the ether and fading into one over-arching melody. Every element of every track plays its part to perfection, never missing the mark or standing too far above the rest, creating a unified vision of real and unshakable magnitude.

Available now on all digital platforms, the EP is a wondrous glimpse into his creative process and a release that must not be missed. With plans to release two more EP’s in 2019, each with different, more evolved sounds, it’s clear to see that Jacobs is one of the most ambitious and impressive new talents around. His will to experiment and his desire to create is unmatched, and if ‘Ozone’ is anything to standby, 2019 is going to be an incredible year for him.

Score: 9.5/10

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