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YXNG KXNG – ‘Feel’

  • 2 min read

One of Melbourne’s new rap talents, YXNG KXNG has been pushing his new school sound for the past year, building his legacy and pushing boundaries whenever he can. A unique and developing talent, YXNG KXNG has set his sights on changing the rap game in Australia, and while he might be a fledgeling Soundcloud star for now, his new single ‘Feel’ looks set to turn things around.

Cloaked in a heavy dose of autotune, ‘Feel’ arrives with a smooth RnB flow that quickly transitions into more clean-cut hip-hop, offering a unique and illustrative glimpse into YXNG KXNG’s creative world. A diverse, almost restless piece, ‘Feel’ is an entrancing medley of vocals shifts and musical transitions, breaking down the barriers between timeless RnB melodies and more contemporary rap anthemics.

From the slow emotive double passes and echoing choruses to the lingering brass sounds that bring an unmistakable richness to the song, everything is wonderfully crafted and perfectly polished, creating a single that is hard to ignore and even harder to refuse. Featuring a wonderfully familiar vibe and some stellar production from Black Wolf, ‘Feel’ is a single that fits perfectly into Australia’s blossoming rap scene.

While it might be a stretch to say that ‘Feel’ will change the rap scene in Australia, it’ll certainly prove to be one of YXNG KXNG’s defining releases. It’s a short, but memorable piece, one that blends smooth RnB with modern autotuned rap and marks YXNG KXNG as a talent to watch.

You can stream ‘Feel’ today on Spotify above, as well as on Soundcloud and Apple Music.

Score: 7.5/10

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